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Director:  Thomas Calhoun

Screenwriter:  Gabriela Celecia

Genre:  Suspense

Senior Nightmare is a three-episode anthology web-series created by Jesse Allard & Mikayla Ronnow. Each episode centers on a recent college graduate as they interview for their chosen profession before things inevitably take a turn for the worse. I directed the second episode here starring Iliana Garcia as an actress auditioning for a play headed by a formidable director. 


I was also involved in the production of the rest of the series, producing the first episode which you can see here.  I participated in the initial meetings where the concept for the series crystallized and later dialogues were the overall creative direction of the series was decided. It was principally my idea that each episode should be stylistically distinct aside from the title and credits. 


Director:  Bayleigh Janusik

Screenwriter:  Bayleigh Janusik

Editors: Haven Ayres & Thomas Calhoun

Genre:  Drama


On Cold Coffee I was assistant editor to editor Haven Ayres, but my actual responsibilities went beyond what might be normally considered a part of that position.


I was a continual creative collaborator with the editor and director Bayleigh Janusik. The text message visual effect graphics that appear throughout the film are of mine own design, as are some other subtle corrective visual effects.


Also of note is that I have two un-credited compositions featured in the film, the two diegetic songs in the car scenes are my own arrangements. 


Director:  Jason Miller

Screenwriter:  Mikayla Ronnow

Editor:  Thomas Calhoun

Genre:  Romance, Suspense


I was the main editor on Love is the Longest Con, working closely with director Jason Miller to find the best way to articulate the story that had been shot. I guided the film through offline and online editing as well as the sound and color processes. In doing so, I directed and facilitated a number of other people working in post-production parallel to myself. 


The dialogue between Jason and I was so continuous that I forget which ideas were whose. However, the articulation of the ending and the montage at the heart of the film resulted in large part from experiments I did on my own before being fully realized and integrated in the final edit. 

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